Why Gender Neutral Fashion is Important

All social dynamics are brought about via the socialization of traditional cultural norms.Our behavior is dictated by the premise that all human beings are by default, divided into strict binary categories on the basis of their distinct roles and tendencies to behave or feel in one way or the other.

The thinking is so all-consuming that it pervades every last aspect of an average person’s daily routine. Although proven time and time again that societal gender expectations are both arbitrary and transient in that they sometimes exist as a result of prejudice, and are subject to change depending on culture, geography, era and generation, stereotypes about gender continue to be ever-present at each turn of our lives.

In late 2021, the state of California passed a law mandating that retail stores will be required to have at least some selection of gender neutral items for kids to choose from. Although a step in the right direction, the legislation excludes clothing, an important component of a person’s means for self-expression.

The fashion industry has come a long way when it comes to paving the way for gender non-conforming dressing to become a little more mainstream, but it’s still very much a work in progress. Moving forward, we’re going to explore the importance of apparel that’s not labeled by gender.

Comfort Over All

Strict dress codes and apparel being deemed inherently feminine or masculine can be distressing to many people. Not everyone has the same taste in fashion; and sometimes a person’s preferences for their own clothes and fashion accessories may differ from normative gender expectations. In such a scenario, gender neutral clothing can really save the day, because the buyer won’t feel as if they are shopping from an aisle of clothes not meant for them.

The category of unlabeled clothing also accommodates non-binary people and helps combat otherization.

Gender neutral clothing concept
Enhanced Variety

When your wardrobe choices aren’t dictated by labels, you have at your disposal an access to so much variation in clothing and accessorizing options. It allows you to experiment with your style and create a distinct fashion statement which emphasizes the elements that define who you are!


When clothing is not labeled by gender, it becomes easier for it to be incorporated into a circular economy rather than be discarded after use by a single person. Once recycled, gender neutral clothing has prospective consumers of many more demographics than the usual limited range, which keeps the apparel in use for longer periods of time, thus successfully cutting down on environmental waste.

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