Insight on 2021 Spring Fashion Trends

Spring is here. We’ve been keeping an eye out for all of the 2021 spring fashion trends. It will surely be phenomenal to see what this spring season has in store for everybody in the world of fashion. So, before any further ado, let’s look at some of the up and coming 2021 spring fashion trends that we will be seeing. 


Day Dresses

Day dresses are going to be a common sight this year. There is a focus on the slim dresses with poufy sleeves this year. Paired with subtle colors and the right mix of fabric, this proves to be a great fashion trend for this spring. You will surely see tons of people wearing these everywhere since they are so comfortable and classy. They surely bring the feeling that you belong to a more modern version of a 1940s movie. 


Power Pants

Another thing that you will see prominent is the use of pants. There is a lot of focus on power-pants as we can see major designers pulling off some exuberant designs. Designers, such as Louis Vuitton and Stella McCartney are invested in designing such pants that offer comfort and are stylish enough to make you feel like you’re heading to the runway. It’s a perfect mix that you should be invested in this spring. 


Stylish Sweats

We have all been staying at home in our sweats, taking our meetings, and just taking our time with everything as it happens. With this in mind, spring 2021 brings you stylish sweats. So, even at home, you can feel stylish and comfortable. As we can see, the major theme for this year revolves around comfort as opposed to anything else. This introduction of stylish sweats is surely going to be made use of everywhere. Who wouldn’t want this? 


Sharp Shoulders

Now, more towards the edgier side of things, we present to you sharp shoulders. These are high in demand, and they are here to stay for the season. Sharp, pointy shoulders make you look unique and adds an empowered feeling to your overall look. Pair that with bold colors, and you have the perfect mix for the season. 


Flowy Tunics

We’re back to comfort. Flowy tunics are all the rave this spring. You will find the likes of Fendi and Thom Browne making pieces that are flowing and easy on the eyes. There is a lot of focus on draping the body with longer layers this season and there is so much to love about all of this. 



Bold Textures

Let’s not forget that there are trends other than those that focus on comfort. These are more about making bold choices when it comes to clothing. Versace has to offer you many variations when it comes to bold fabrics and textures. You will surely be seeing a lot of those in the upcoming season as well. Rest assured, these are also comfortable to wear, just bolder when it comes to how they appear to others. 

There you have it. All the 2021 spring fashion trends you will be seeing this year. So, buckle up and enjoy the season!

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