All the Right Reasons for Styling Trucker Caps for Men and Women

Trucker caps are a style variant of baseball caps — while they may belong to the same style family, they're different from the rest. A baseball cap has six panels in the crown of the same fabric sewn together.

On the other hand, trucker caps have five panels as the two in the front are combined to form one. The front panel is usually made using cotton with a foam insert to have a raised structure, whereas the back panels are made of mesh to not compromise on breathability. The wide cotton front allows a trucker cap to keep the sun off your face as well as the sweat out of your eyes. For this reason, they were used by farmers and truckers back in the day to guard against obstacles and elements that they would face on the job.

Here are all the reasons why trucker caps are so popular:

Greater Flexibility

A trucker cap is sewn in with a curved bill and medium/high crown, perfect for people who don’t want to give up on the feel of a traditional baseball cap. While the bill initially lays flat, it’s designed to remain flexible; you can curve it based on how stylish you want to look. Trucker caps gained popularity during 2000 but have beaten all odds to date as this fashion accessory has managed to remain a mainstream style lexicon.


The breathability of this cap stands second to none — you’re going to love wearing this when the sun’s out and the temperature’s high. While cotton is great for absorbing sweat, there are also trucker caps made using polyester, a fabric that dries faster. If you’re out walking your dog, this is the cap you need to keep the sun out of your face and eyes.

More Comfort

Apart from being stylish, trucker caps are also durable and comfortable. There are multiple styling options for trucker caps — there are the monochromatic trucker caps, those with graphics and logos embedded on the cap, and brightly colored ones that add a much-needed pop of color to the outfit.

AG Original Trucker Cap for sale online

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But if you aren’t too big on the trucker cap for sale, there’s also the AG Snapback Cap with 6 embroidered eyelets and plastic snap closure. This is one size fits all and works for head circumferences between 54.9 to 60 centimeters.

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