5 Tips for Layering Necklaces from the Fashion Police

We know you’ve been seeing it everywhere, and kudos to everyone who has managed to stack up against their necklaces correctly. Layering necklaces doesn’t come naturally — well, if it did, so many people wouldn’t end up walking around with necklaces all over the lot. Here’s advice from the fashion police for layering your necklaces correctly:

1. Pile up Your Dainty’s

We know you love chains, but you might have to leave the chunky bits out when layering. Try wearing slim necklaces that are adequately spaced to keep the chains from tangling. Having enough room will keep your neck from looking too crowded and allow the eye (of the audience) to appreciate each neckpiece individually.

For a sleeker look, you can pair your choker with dainty necklaces.

2. Extend Layers Lengthwise

This concept isn’t just limited to shorter necklaces with charms. Try mixing and matching different lengths — remember to keep a gap of at least an inch between the pieces on your chest. Add a lariat necklace towards the end to finish off the look — these are perfect for creating a dressy, casual, or vintage-inspired look.

3. Mix the Metals…

How about mixing gold, rose gold, and silver in the same batch? Contrary to popular belief, mixing gold and silver in jewelry is NOT a sign of poor taste. Combine your older necklaces with new ones to create an original style.

You should match necklaces of the same thickness when mixing metals, but you must avoid creating one that’s too busy. Ensure the chains match their charms or gemstones that are either clear or neutral in color.

4. …And the Colors

You can also mix colors in the same manner. Colors in a neckpiece don’t have to match precisely — you can add greens with blues or pinks with reds to create contrast.

5. Less Is More

When you’ve layered multiple necklaces, you want to avoid stacking rings on your fingers or bracelets on your wrist. Your dress, too, should be pretty basic, preferably a little fitted around the chest, to make your layered set of necklaces shine out. But we’re not saying you shouldn’t be wearing them with relaxed sweaters and cardigans!

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