3 Types of Watches You Need to Flaunt On Your Wrist

The first-ever wristwatch was made by Patek Philippe, a Swiss watch manufacturer, for Countess Koscowicz of Hungary in 1868. Since then, tens of variants have been introduced, the latest being smartwatches.

But alongside other inventions, such as the smartphone, wristwatches are readily being used as a fashion statement.

Assortment Gallery in San Diego, California, brings you three types of watches that can help you make a fashion statement:

1. Quartz Watch

A quartz watch is powered by an electron oscillator and is synchronized with quartz crystals. An electrical current allows the quartz placed inside to pulsate at a precise frequency. This frequency is passed down through an integrated circuit that releases power via its stepping motor setting for the watch hands to remain in motion.

Luminous Hands Dial Wooden Men's Wristwatch

Shop the Men’s Designer Wooden Wrist Watch. This wooden wrist watch for men features the monthly calendar through auto date and weekly displace. The handcrafted complication in the wooden structure of this watch makes it a collector’s favorite.

2. Dress Watch

A dress watch is simplistic, minimalistic, and elegant — perfect for wearing when heading out for business.

Shop the Luminous Hands Dial Wooden Men’s Wristwatch. This quartz wristwatch has a wooden casing that’s round in shape. The band is made from wood and has a length and width of 20x22 millimeters, respectively. It also features luminous hands that allow you to sneak a peek at the time during the darkest hour.

3. Automatic Watch

Because this watch requires no winding when worn daily, it may also be referred to as a self-winding watch. An automatic watch operates due to the motion of the wearer’s wrist. The energy is stored in a rotor, a half-disc metal weight that spins every time there is movement in the arms. The energy stored can be used to power the watch even when it’s worn.

AG Conscious Classic Automatic wristwatch from Assortment Gallery in San Diego

Shop the AG Conscious Classic Automatic Wristwatch. This is a unisex analog watch with automatic mechanical movement. You can choose your preferred color combination: black bezel/white band, black bezel/black band, and black bezel/brown band. Made from stainless steel and genuine leather, this automatic watch is also splash-resistant.

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