3 Reasons Why Minimalist Fashion is Sustainable

By definition, minimalism can be understood as the choices a person makes to cut down on material use in a way that still optimizes the desired effect or function. The school of thought now having made its way into popular culture, including lifestyle, décor, and most apparently, fashion—minimalism is more than just forcing yourself to consume less. In truth, it encourages prioritizing only material possessions that are the most valuable or useful to you and breaking free from the shackles of consumerism.

In the age of fast fashion, social ills and environmental perils are at large. From the exploitation of laborers and exhaustion of energy resources to pollution, there are endless repercussions of the ever-increasing demand for more and more options for apparel. Fortunately, the existence of minimalist fashion is the anti-thesis of everything the consumerist mindset stands for.

Minimalist fashion encompasses simplicity in design, material, colors and quantity of clothing & fashion accessories. Clothing that falls into this category is versatile apart from being uncomplicated and timeless. As a direct consequence of such modest consumption, there are endless benefits of minimalist fashion, with sustainability and eco-friendliness taking the crown.

Let’s explore exactly how minimalist fashion is a sustainable and eco-friendly option!

1. Less Waste

Minimalist fashion calls for a natural and simple look, resulting reduced use of toxic dyes and processes that go into manufacturing for more complex clothing. Ultimately, these cut down on the impact that waste production can have on the environment. Moreover, simpler manufacturing processes also consume less energy resources.

Several stacks of folded clothes
2. Durability

Fast fashion brands are bent on acquiring trendy clothing as fast as possible at the cost of labor exploitation. Since there’s such little time, the material for the clothes is also inexpensive and poor in quality, resulting in clothes that don’t last long. Trends come and go, so when you’re into fast fashion, you’re also always on the lookout for pieces that are “in,” leading to a frequent change of wardrobe.

Minimalist fashion, on the other hand, focuses on neutral colors and items that are easy to style by virtue of being classic. The whole point is that the clothes don’t go out of fashion, so you’re able to wear them long-term without constantly seeking replacements.

3. Versatility

The consumerist narrative will have you believe that you need very specific articles of clothing for every purpose and occasion. But minimalist fashion proves otherwise! With neutral hues and fabrics that work for any season, minimalist clothing becomes pretty multi-purpose. There’s really no reason you can’t wear your classic tee for a casual day out or at the office!

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Megan J

I love the concept of taking a minimalist approach to fashion. Not only will you have basics that can go with anything, but you are also creating less waste by being able to wear the same piece of clothing multiple times without it being unfashionable! I love that Assortment Gallery’s fashion pieces are simple ,tasteful and that they will match with everything in your closet ! Thanks for being eco friendly :)

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