Large Screen Display (LED) Cap

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Talk about customizing your attire?! This LED cap is definitely the most unique item you could have in your cap collection. Perfect for parties, clubs, stage shows, or just any situation where you intend to make a statement. Speak your mind without opening your mouth. Create eye-catching effects. Connect the "graffiti screen" app on your cellphone, and you're all set! 

1. Completely controlled by an app. Display what you desire

2. Comes with a large screen, but you wouldn't know it! Breathable, light, and convenient. You'll barely notice you're wearing it. 

3. Can display English, Spanish, Japanese, and several other languages.  

4. LED screen displays music when any song is played from your cellphone. 

5. One size fits all. Completely adjustable 

6. App supports both iOS and Android smartphones 

Package Includes

1 LED Display Cap 

1 USB Cable 

1 User Manual 



Type: USB Cap 

Screen Size: 150 x37mm

Resolution: 48x12pxl

Edit Mode: Bluetooth Mobile App

Color: Black

Material: Cotton, LED Screen

Edit Mode: Bluetooth Mobile APP

Charging Type: USB Port